How Mental Illness May Inflict Addiction

If a person is suffering with an addiction, there may be underlying issues that are causing it. It is possible a mental illness could also be the core of the addiction. During these types of instances, it is important to consult an expert at a dual treatment rehab center to receive a proper and accurate diagnosis the first time around. Alcohol or drugs may be used to self-medicate or numb the symptoms of a mental health disorder. Substance abuse may also increase the risk of the occurrence of mental illnesses or trigger them. The addiction and mental illness will negatively affect one another and worsen both conditions the longer they are untreated.

Help For Dual Diagnosis Helpline

When afflicting symptoms occur, this may also be a result of co-occurring conditions. It is crucial to receive treatment for all conditions simultaneously because only treating part of it will prolong the process of completing the program successfully.

The right dual diagnostic treatment center will provide a licensed treatment program that is created with the purpose of caring for people with multiple mental health disorders. Whether the diagnosis may be two substance abuse addictions, a mental illness and an addiction or two mental illnesses, a dual treatment rehab center will specialize in treating co-occurring conditions to ensure a safe and healthy recovery.

If you or someone you know is suffering from substance abuse, a mental health disorder or if you are simply unsure if there are existing conditions, please call us at 855-981-6047 for more information. We are available 24/7 to answer questions and assist in the enrollment of one of our programs.

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